This page explains how CliqueRouter works and how it can provide high quality, low cost traffic to grow your business. As you read our description of CliqueRouter, we urge you to remember that all traffic is sent from our web sites at the request of the user. Because visitors choose to visit your site, you avoid the ill will and very low conversion rates from traffic generated by annoying pop-up ads, page exits, automatic redirects, spam, and other mass marketing techniques.

With CliqueRouter, you get focused customers who visit your site because they want to know more or to buy now.

Our Traffic Can Be Your Traffic

The key to CliqueRouter is that we are primarily interested in doing what you are doing: attracting a subject-specific audience for the lowest possible cost that will convert to customers at the highest possible rate. To attract the right visitors to our websites, we spend about $100,000 a year on a mix of high volume, low cost marketing and acquisition strategies. To optimize our efforts, we are constantly analyzing our yield statistics and adjusting our advertising to minimize our visitor conversion cost while maximizing our conversion volume.

The result of our efforts is a highly targeted audience that we share with our CliqueRouter advertisers.

Pre-Qualified Traffic for Your Web Site

Our websites are organized as a series of topical pages covering the following subject areas:

Visitors that arrive by traditional advertising methods interact with the arrangement of our pages. This process further qualifies their interest and enables us to narrow their interests into very specific topics.

While a significant percentage of our inbound traffic becomes our customers, some visitors still leave without buying because they have not found the product or service they are seeking. For us, these visitors represent necessary but wasted advertising dollars. Through CliqueRouter, we offer these topic-qualified visitors to our CliqueRouter advertisers; and because forwarding them to our advertisers has a very small incremental cost to us, we can offer this service at a cost per click dramatically below the cost for a less qualified lead from a search engine and other traditional advertising approaches.

Currently, our web sites cover over 1100 individual topics. We add new topics daily to expand the breadth and volume of traffic. Through CliqueRouter, you can use our broad array of topics to advertise to visitors pre-qualified for the topics appropriate to you. Because we place CliqueRouter ads in locations that are appropriate to the advertiser, a click on your link means the visitor is interested in learning more or wants to buy what you are selling -- hence the high quality traffic that we forward to you at a price far below what it would cost to secure a top listing on a major search engine. And, if we do not currently have a page on a topic that is appropriate to your web site, our editorial department will consider developing a new topic page for you.

Lastly, because CliqueRouter uses text links, which are one of the most effective type of advertising link, you have no graphical banners or other "ad creatives" to set-up or maintain -- your link is simply the name of your web site (without the ".com" or other extension) or of your company.

Cost per Click

There is no charge for creating a CliqueRouter advertising account, creating one or more links, or displaying links on the our pages. Advertisers are only charged a "per-click" charge when a visitor actually clicks on a link. The amount of the per-click charge is established in advance when the link is created and does not change for the life of the link.

Advertisers may begin with a deposit (via PayPal) of as little as $10 (USD). Each deposit is charged a non-refundable 10% deposit transaction fee. The current per click charge is as low as $0.05, which results in an effective charge of $0.055 per click.

Our online tools provide real-time and historical tracking of the click activity on your links, which means that you can view the amount spent on each link by day and period of day. At your request, a tracking code can be embedded into the linking URL so that you can measure the effectiveness of our leads. And our tools allow you to stop and start the display of your links anytime you wish. If your advertising requirements change, you may cancel your participation in CliqueRouter, and the unused portion of your deposit will be promptly refunded.

While we do not offer maximum spending thresholds, you can get some degree of regulation by controlling the amount of funding in your account. Once that funding is exhausted, the ads automatically shut off until you replenish the funding. Because the deposit transaction fee is a fixed rate, it does not matter whether you make multiple small deposits or one large one -- the choice is yours.

Getting Started with CliqueRouter

We review each applicant to our program and each link to ensure that they comply with our "family friendly" guidelines (for example, we do not include links to gambling, pornographic, prescription, or illegal sites). For more specifics on the contractual aspects of the CliqueRouter service, you may review our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

To get started, complete the following contact form, and we will respond by the next work day with a proposal for where best to place your advertisement and your fixed cost per click.

CliqueRouter Contact Form
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CliqueRouter Terms and Conditions

By depositing funds for advertising with CliqueFriends, LLC (the "Publisher"), you (the "Advertiser") agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions and any subsequent amendments or revisions as may from time to time be posted on this web site:
  1. The Advertiser will provide advertising (a "Link") of a specification as agreed to by the parties. The Publisher will include it in web pages on web sites as agreed to by the parties. Notwithstanding this, the Publisher retains exclusive control over the display of such Links and may, at his sole discretion, decide not to publish any Link.
  2. The Advertiser will pay the Publisher an amount predetermined by the parties for each particular link on a particular page every time a visitor clicks on a Link ("Per Click Rate"), except that the Advertiser is not responsible for any charges accrued in excess of the amount that the Advertiser has on deposit with the Publisher when this agreement is terminated. The Per Click Rate will be fixed for each link on a particular page through the life of the agreement unless an increase is mutually agreed. If the Publisher withdraws a link or the page on which the link is situated without replacing it on a comparable page, the Advertiser will be entitled to terminate this agreement with a refund of all unspent funds and a reimbursement of any deposit transaction fees paid, proportioned to the amount refunded.
  3. The Advertiser acknowledges that although the Advertiser, within the constraints of the CliqueRouter advertising system, has the ability to stop the presentation of a Link, these are not instantaneous functions and agrees to be liable for clicks incurred for a reasonable time after processing a request to stop presentation of a Link.
  4. The Advertiser understands that, as is routine and customary, the number of clicks for which the Advertiser is charged may be more than the actual number of visitors ultimately reaching the Advertiser's intended destination via the Link because of the software, network, performance, operation of the Advertiser's own counter, or other issues beyond the Publisher's immediate control. The Advertiser agrees to accept and pay for a reasonable number of such unproductive clicks. The Advertiser is responsible for monitoring the discrepancy, and in the event that the Advertiser does not believe the discrepancy is reasonable by comparison to the routine and customary, the Advertiser's recourse is to terminate this agreement.
  5. The Publisher will endeavor to ensure that the number of clicks on a Link reflects the independent actions of third parties and does not include clicks of, on behalf of, or incented by the Publisher. The Publisher will be the sole arbitrator of what constitutes valid clicks.
  6. The Publisher makes no guaranty about the minimum or maximum times that the Advertiser's Link will appear or about the number of times that a user will arrive at the Advertiser's intended destination as a result of this agreement.
  7. All payments between parties will be made through PayPal or as otherwise agreed by the parties. Deposits made by the Advertiser via PayPal are to be of one of the set amounts indicated below and are subject to a non-refundable transaction fee, currently set at 10% of the amount deposited. At the termination of the agreement any remaining unused balance will be refunded to the Advertiser via the contact email address indicated in the Advertiser's profile at the time of termination.
  8. The Advertiser agrees to use the CliqueRouter advertising system in accordance with its purpose and design and agrees not to engage or to encourage others to engage in any activity that would be contrary to the purpose of this system, that would be detrimental to the operation of any web site operated by or on behalf of the Publisher, or that would be detrimental to the Publisher's business. The parties furthermore agree that this paragraph will survive the termination of this agreement.
  9. This agreement may be terminated by either party upon notice. Within 30 days of such notice, the Publisher agrees to refund any of the Advertiser's funds, net of charges already incurred, that remain on deposit